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Powerful Pastels with Jane Ditri


Powerful Pastels
with Jane Ditri

“I am excited about sharing with you all what I learned from the recent course I took so there will be new material”. - Jane

Two day workshop from 10am-1pm on September 18 and 19.
Beginners to advanced pastel students.
$150 for members and $175 for non-members.
We will focus on design and value contrast.

Supplies to Bring”

-       Whatever soft pastels you have. No oil pastels. bring your darkest dark pastel and some very light pastel since we are focusing on value and contrast. Jane will bring some extra pastels that students may use as needed.
-       Jane will bring sanded pastel paper. It will be priced at $5.20 to be paid to the instructor.
-       Bring masking tape
-       A gator board or poster board to mount the sanded paper on.
-       A table easel will be helpful.
-       Paper towels and hand wipes are recommended.
-       Bring a couple of photographs to use as reference. Photos should have light and dark shapes.
-       Bring a sketch book and black and gray markers.

 Jane Ditri Biography

Jane was born and raised in Michigan in the farm country 40 miles north of Detroit. Although she lived only 40 miles from the big city, she only went there once during her childhood, when she was taken to the Detroit Institute of Art for a field trip in elementary school. This was the extent of her art education. In high school Jane concentrated on a college preparation curriculum. After high school she went to Detroit to train as a nurse at the Henry Ford Hospital. She graduated from that curriculum and became a registered Nurse. She later attended Wayne State University and received both her Bachelor’s degree and her Master’s degree there. She was a Nurse Educator at a large Community College in Michigan. Although art had always been a part of Jane’s life, as a wife, mother, practicing nurse and educator, she had had little time for practicing art. After 15 years as a nurse educator and 45 years as a nurse, she retired from nursing to begin her artistic journey.

 In 2006, she began taking classes and workshops from very fine pastel painters: Jerry Power, Jim Markle, Ron Monsma, Bob Rohm, and W. Truman (Bill) Hosner. In 2011 she realized her dream of going to France and taking a workshop with Richard McKinley. After this, she began to apply for entry to juried shows and entered competitions. IN 2013 she was honored to receive PSA Signature status. The next year, one of her paintings was selected by the Pastel Journal for an honorable mention in the Pastel 100. Also in 2014 her painting was a finalist in The Artists’ Magazine competition. It also won a silver award in the GLPS member show. Her work has been displayed in the Pastel Journal and Southwest Art Magazine.

 In 2016, Jane’s work was accepted into both the IAPS annual exhibit and the PSA’s Enduring Brilliance in New York City, where her painting won the Albert Handell Award in Honor of Flora Guffini. In 2017 she won the Award of Excellence at the Pastel Society of Tampa Bay’s exhibit, “Possibilities in Pastel”. Also in June 2017 she won an award in the Uart Competition. She continues on her artistic journey, believing that her true reward is the joy that being an artist brings.