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Envelope Decorating with Edie Richardson

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Decorating Envelopes with Edie Richardson
October 14, 9am-1pm
Cost: $35 NAA Member, $45 Non Member
($20 materials fee to be paid to the instructor)

Staying in touch with people who matter to you is really important. And sending a handwritten note is a very special way to do that. But what if the envelope was also more than just the name and address? What if you added a little piece of artwork or design it in a clever way?

Decorating an envelope is a sweet and powerful way to make a statement. There are literally thousands of ways to decorate your envelope and many are just simple and fun. They all take a little time, but are well worth the end result.

Decorated Envelope class will give you 6 different ideas as well as spark many more. You will also get some ideas of what to say IN the note if you need some idea starters.

Materials provided:
Class notes/instructions including instructions for making Triangle Card
2 US Postage stamps
6 envelopes with matching note cards
Sponges ( 1 pp)
Envelope template
Black card stock
Washi Tape

Additional Materials available:
Stencils, Clip Art, Embellishments, Stamps and Stamp Pads, Gel Pens, Chisel Edge Markers, Glitter Glue, Chalk Marker, Gold Paint Marker, Embossing Powder, Heat Gun and anything else I think we could use 

Please bring:
Your lunch and a snack to share for our snack table
Scissors - pointed end to be able to cut around intricate designs
Ruler (if possible one you can see-through -- Hobby Lobby sells them 6" x 1" is great)
Paint brushes - Any size 0 through 6 would work. Watercolor brushes are best. We don't need big brushes.
Micro pens (fine point black, waterproof)
Removable masking tape - doesn't have to be wide
Small palette of watercolors or colored pencils (what you may have)
Water container
Paper towels 
Scoring tool

Optional items to bring if you have them:
Bone folder
Small Brayer
Colorful chisel markers, brush tipped markers, colored markers.

Earlier Event: October 13